About Us

ParentingPoint® is an arm of The Shepherd’s Ministries (TSM) working to build strong families and raise godly children.

Parenting is one of the hardest but vital jobs we as couples or individuals can embark on. We have seen through the years that parents do not always get this right first time.. Every child is different and none of them come with a manual. Even though children come with a different set of challenges, God's word does provide us with tools we can learn from to effectively tackle these challenges.

Our primary role, by God's grace, is to adequately equip parents with these biblical truth and tools from God's word, thus enabling them to bring up godly children in this day and age. It do not stop there, through our parenting clubs, we go on further to connect you with parents who have actually used these tools and seen successful changes in their children's lives.

We also provide training for small or large organisations who have the role of working with children or youth. You could be a youth conference leader, a Sunday school teacher, a youth pastor, or creche worker.

To carry on God's mandate into the next generation, our children and youth, need to be mentored and taught by individuals who are fully grounded in the word of God and know what God's will is for us in bringing up the children he has given to us.